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Can you see it? Looking ahead to 2018

Have you taken any time to think about your business? Sounds like a silly question but many business owners are so busy running their businesses that they don't step back to really consider the big picture questions. Is the business growing and do I want it to grow? Is the product or service that I provide still relevant or should I make some changes to better meet needs in the current market? Am I getting what I want from the business? Where do I see the business in a year, 5 years, 10?

To improve your business you need to be able to visualize what that means. Picture your business at the end of the year as you dream it could be. Don't skimp on the details, this is a picture of your ideal situation. Maybe you see yourself sitting on a tropical beach with a fancy drink in your hand. Wait a second...aren't we talking about improving our businesses? Yes, but maybe that is your idea of improvement, growing the business enough that you can t

ake a vacation and get some much needed relaxation. Write down everything you can think of about that vision of you on the beach. How will it feel with your feet in the sand? How relaxed will you feel knowing your business is in good hands and running smoothly for a week (or two) without you? What will your financial reports look like....monthly sales, expenses? Feel the smile cross your face as you realize you are reaching your goals. Recall the feelings and vision as often as possible. Many people use vision boards to keep these feelings at hand. Others write lists and refer to them daily.

There are concrete steps you will need to take to get to your goals. We will discuss these steps in the coming blogs. For today, take the first important step......SEE IT.

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