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Let Technology be your Friend

We struggle with change. This fact is central to our human existence. Funny thing though, we all know that change is the only constant in life. We can fight it (and we do!) or we can embrace it and face it. Either way it's here. Learning to embrace change can save you time and make you money. You'll need to take time to find and employ new technologies that will end up saving you time.

Do you still keep a hand written check register? Try using QuickBooks will sync your bank details right into a check register for you. You can print checks from your computer or pay bills online through QuickBooks. We can set up a QuickBooks online account for you and teach you how to write checks, pay bills, create invoices and much more. Once you get a feel for QBO we can show you apps that will improve your workflow and efficiency even more.

Need a simpler way to keep track payroll? Check out TSheets. Your employees can clock in and out using their smart phones or you can provide a tablet for your whole crew. You can track employee time by customer, job or type of work done. TSheets will sync with QuickBooks online to turn employee time cards into pay checks.

Hate holding on to receipts? Expensify lets you take a pictures of receipts and it will reads them and codes them according to your specifications. This app will also sync with QuickBooks online assuring you won't miss out on any expenses.

This is just a sampling of the apps that are available to help you streamline your business processes. We are happy to help you configure a system that works for you.

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