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The Blessing of Time: Things to Think About While Your Business is Disrupted

The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 has drastically slowed or straight up stopped your business income. You've either been ordered to completely shut down or alter the way you deliver to your customers. As savvy business owners do, you scramble to invent new ways to make it through this crisis to the other side.

The financial crisis is real...I do not want to minimize this at all. Most small businesses operate lean, with little to no cash reserves to cushion themselves through a serious downturn.


What if this disruption in business is a blessing in disguise? What if you were given the time you've always wished for, even if you didn't expect that time to look like this?

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

1. What opportunities to change things about your business can you take advantage of now?

2. What big ideas have you always pushed aside because you were too busy running your business?

3. How can you better serve your customers, both now and after this disruption?

4. How can you take better care of yourself now that will make you a better business owner?

Allow yourself some time each day to really consider these questions and others you come up with. We will get back to our regular, busy lives soon enough. The time you've given yourself during this disruption could improve your business and your life immeasurably.

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