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The New Corner Office

I love this new corner office just off the back of my kitchen. I would not get any work done sitting here...I would just stare out at the garden all day. This space works perfectly for the resident college student who is taking online courses this summer.

Maybe when you think of a corner office you picture a big, fancy office in a high rise building downtown. The definition of the corner office has expanded from this one traditional idea and has opened possibilities for all kinds of new "work." You can be your own CEO and design a space that works for you.

How do you set up your "getting things done" space? Do you surround yourself with lots of colorful pens and papers or are you a fan of a calm, empty desk? Do you require your corner to be productive or is it just a place for you?

Right now my house is full of corner is a 12 foot long table that is perfect for spreading out big messy projects. Upstairs there is a quiet sitting area with two chairs and a little table, perfect for tea and talking. My favorite millennials have made little "nest" spaces on the front deck, back deck and in the upstairs corner. These are cozy spaces perfect for journaling or blogging.

I have a whole room office for getting real business done and closing the door at the end of the day. I love having a space with everything in it's place, super organized. I'm a huge office supply nerd (my obsession started early in life with school supplies) so I keep my cabinets well stocked. If you ever need a paperclip or a pen, I'm your girl.

Go find a nice space and transform it to your own corner office. The old rules are gone. The only requirement is that your corner office works for you. I now pronounce you CEO of you.

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