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The Word Business Owners Never Want To Hear ((audit))

Audit. The word itself strikes fear into business owners. Fortunately, getting audited is similar to getting a cavity. Or, more precisely, getting audited is like going to the dentist. If you've brushed and flossed regularly you can waltz on in to your appointment, confident that you'll get a high five and a free toothbrush on your way out the door. On the other hand if you've neglected your teeth you'll get a lecture, some painful scraping and a big ole bill from your dentist.

Let's make this simple. I've created a one page "how to" for audit proofing your business. It is specific to businesses in Washington State but has the basics for any small business. The main points are KEEP RECORDS, follow the rules and pay the taxes that are due.

Do you know who follows the guidelines on my audit proofing (did I say it's ONLY one page?!?) sheet? My clients who have been audited follow it. Save yourself a lot of hassle and money and follow it now.

As the financial equivalent of your dentist I'm asking nicely....audit proof your business. Please.

Do it.


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